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Snowman Vocabulary

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Today we have created a vocabulary activity to help our students further develop vocabulary. All vocabulary activities this month will be based on our monthly theme-winter.

Let me explain the pages to you!

1. The cartoon snowman is linked to a video of the ASL sign for snowman. The real snowman is linked to a video of someone making a snowman. 

2. Students can use the eraser to find the snowman covered under the snow.

3. Students can match or draw a line to match the snowman. 

4. Students can match again

5. Words are added into the picture and students can match.

6. Students can match words again

7. Students can circle or point to the snowman

8. Cause and effect snowman

9. Special snowman movie! 


I hope you find this as useful. I would probably do this activity every day after calendar.  Just an idea. 

Click below on snowman Vocabulary Snowman Vocabulary

happy SMARTboarding,


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