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Community Mapping

Hello Hello – hope summer is great! This is an activity I made for an assignment while doing my masters.  It’a all about community and fits great with the grade one social studies/science and math curriculum.  Have students identify where the animal is on the map using prepositional words. There are two maps used. Then give each students a hand out of a different part of your community – both natural and man made places. On the blank map have them post their place either by you describing where using prepositional words or they can post and describe.  Click below on Community.


Happy SMARTboarding, Community

Daily Five Check In Group Chart

daily 5 check in_no graphics


Here is an organization tool for the daily five. Add students pictures to the boxes below or names and then each morning drag them into the daily five you want them to work on. Students can come in, look at the chart and know what to get started on. Click below on Daily Five.

Daily Five

Happy SMARTBoarding,

Claude Monet Story – SMART notebook

A little something extra to go with our artist. Here is a short (four pages) story book showcasing Monet’s art. Its got two lines per page and some rhyming.  Just something nice to show when you are showcasing an artist.


Click below on Monet’s Story

Monet Story

Happy SMARTboarding,


James Derosso sculptors


Another Artist but this time a sculptor.


Here’s how to create some fun creature art.


Idea 1

  1. Give each student a slab of clay. Model rolling it into a circle, cylinder,square for the body. Let dry.
  2. Give another piece of clay and model making the mouth, hair, ears, eyes, teeth. Let dry. OR
  3. Give them other materials to make facial features.Cardboard, stickers, goggly eyes, pipe cleaners.
  4. Glue them on.
  5. Paint sculptor.

Idea 2

  1. Give each student a box, or can. Paint it a bright colour for the body. Let dry.
  2. Give each student large goggly eyes. Glue on
  3. Have students create funny teeth using foam. Glue on.
  4. Have students create a mouth using a pipe cleaner or piece of cardboard. Glue on.
  5. Have them glue on a nose using cardboard, pom pom..anything. Same for ears.
  6. Have them glue on hair using string or cardboard, foam, felt.
  7. Voila!Click below on James.



Happy SMARTboarding,

Piet Mondrian Artist

More art – can you tell it’s my favourite

So a few different ways you can make some Mondrian inspired art


  1. Using canvas have students tape lines all over the canvas.
  2. Then give them paint to paint.
  3. When paint is dry pull off tape. Voila!

Idea 2


  1. Have a selection of red, yellow and blue cut out squares and rectangles.
  2. Let students choose and then glue them onto the page.
  3. Give them the edge of a piece of cardboard, or a wooden block, or the edge of a sponge.
  4. Dip their tool in black paint and stamp on shapes. Voila!

Idea 3

  1. Have students cut or choose pre cut strips of red, blue or yellow paper.
  2. Glue these onto their page.
  3. Have students cut or choose pre cut squares (small) of red, yellow and blue paper.
  4. Glue these on top of the strips. Voila!

Click below on Mondrian for the smart notebook file.


Happy SMARTboarding,

Jim Dine Artist Inspired Art – SMART notebook



Today we are back – It’s been a while with another artist. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day inspired art by Jim Dine. He creates beautiful hearts. Use the file on your smart board to introduce the artist to students. Then have them create art.


Here’s how:

Idea 1:

  1. Have students draw a heart on their page or the teacher can draw a heart.
  2. Have students draw little lines, almost like flecks on the page, using all different colours. Voila~

Idea 2:

  1. Give students cut up square tissue papers of different colours
  2. Have them cover the whole page in glue.
  3. Glue on the pieces of tissue paper overlapping.
  4. once dry, draw a heart on the page.

Click below on Jim Dine.

Jim Dine

Happy SMARTboarding,

Hans Hoffman Art- SMART notebook

Similar to the other artist this file contains pictures of Hans Hoffman and his art. Click on them and his name appears. The final page has links to videos on him.


Create art like him!

  1. Have kids use a roller brush and paint the canvas one colour.
  2. Give them square sponges and sponge squares randomly throughout the page. Use only one colour. Let it dry.
  3. Give them sponges and another colour and randomly sponge squares throughout the page.
  4. Show them they can do one square per colour or many.


Hans Hoffman

Click below on hans hoffman


Happy SMARTboarding,

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