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Hans Hoffman Art- SMART notebook

Similar to the other artist this file contains pictures of Hans Hoffman and his art. Click on them and his name appears. The final page has links to videos on him.


Create art like him!

  1. Have kids use a roller brush and paint the canvas one colour.
  2. Give them square sponges and sponge squares randomly throughout the page. Use only one colour. Let it dry.
  3. Give them sponges and another colour and randomly sponge squares throughout the page.
  4. Show them they can do one square per colour or many.


Hans Hoffman

Click below on hans hoffman


Happy SMARTboarding,

Franz Kline – SMART notebook

Today let’s be Franz Kline, one of my favourites personally.  Use the SMART notebook file below. Each picture clicks to his name and there are links at the end with videos.


How to paint like Franz Kline:

  1. Give each child a blank Canvas.
  2. Show them how to paint with black lines and swirls.
  3. Let the children paint black lines and circles.

Click below on Franz Kline

Franz Kline

Happy SMARTboarding,

Pablo Picasso – SMART notebook

Create art like the famous Picasso. Use the notebook to look at his art and his picture. Click on the pictures to see his name. The final page has links to videos on Picasso and his art.


Here’s how to create his art.

  1. Have children paint multiple colours on one page. Do this however you see fit.
  2. Cut out eyes, ears, noses, lips from magazines.
  3. Put these in piles on separate tables.
  4. Have the children pick one from each table.
  5. Have them draw a black circle on the painted page.
  6. Then arrange the facial features in funny ways. Practice. Then have them blue it on.



Click below on Picasso.


Happy SMARTboarding,

Alexander Calder inspired Art – SMART notebook



Today we create like Alexander Calder the mobile sculptor.  Use this notebook file to show students the artist and his art. Each picture when clicked shows his name. The last page use links.


Here’s how to create his art.


  1. Give students a rock and have them paint it. OR give students a coloured block.
  2. Have them tie pipe cleaners around the base (rock or block) in different colours and sculpt them to make different objects, lines etc.
  3. Attach shapes, letters, anything to the end of the pipe cleaners.


I have attached examples.
Click on Alexander Calder.

Alexander Calder

Happy SMARTboarding,

Andy Warhol Inspired Art- SMART notebook

Let’s create Andy Warhol Art.  The following notebook file has pictures of Warhol and his art. Click on the picture to reveal his name. The final page has links to videos on him.


Here’s how to create Warhol Art.

  1. Fold a paper so it has four quadrants.
  2. Have students paint each quadrant a different colour.
  3. Have students handprint each quadrant with a  different colour of paint.
  4. Optional- Have students handprint over the last handprint with another colour of paint (just overlap part of the handprints.)

Click below on Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Happy SMARTboarding,

Henri Matisse – SMART notebook

Today we can become Henri Matisse with this simple, creative art idea.  Later in his life Henri Matisse started to do cut out art with paper and scissors. His work was incredible.  Below I have a smart notebook file that has slides with Matisse’s picture, pictures of his art and links to some videos.  Click each picture and it will fade away to his name.


Here is how to create Henri Matisse art of your own with your class.

Give each child a blank piece of coloured paper.

Have children cut different shapes out of other coloured paper. Or the teacher can cut them out and have the child pick pieces of cut paper.

Model how to arrange them on a page to create some art.

Have the children arrange the cut out paper on the page then glue it on.



Click below on Matisse.


Happy SMARTboarding,

Jackson Pollock – SMART notebook

Have students paint like Jackson Pollock. Using this notebook activity introduce pollock. Each picture fades away to show Jackson Pollock when touched. The last page has links to him painting and to a bio on him. Then have students paint like him.

  1. Give them a blank painting area with paper or canvas.
  2. Show them how to drop paint onto paper using brush, hands, toothbrush…anything really.
  3. Have them stand, sit, kneel to do it.
  4. Have them throw paint at piece of paper.
  5. Let dry and display.



Click below on Jackson POllock

jackson pollock

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