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Love this idea for gross motor, brain breaks and halloween fun. Super easy to implement. Get some big pumpkins with stems, get some wooden circles (michaels, dollarama) that are used for needlepoint and have students try to throw them onto the pumpkins.

Happy SMARTboarding,

Scary Counting – SMART notebook

Count the different halloween objects with this SMART notebook activity. Students can count the objects and then drag the number into the box. Have fun counting bats, haunted houses, costumes and more.
Click below on Scary Counting.
Scary Counting
Happy SMARTboarding,

Halloween graphing and counting – SMART notebook

Have students practice graphing and counting with this activity. At the top of each page are a number of similar but different halloween objects. Students can drag them into the chart to count how many there are. Click below on Halloween Pictograph.

Halloween Pictograph
Happy SMARTboarding,

Ghost Finger Poem – SMART notebook/ Board maker

As I was blog hopping I came across a super cute ghost finger poem for halloween. It’s short and has finger actions to go along. I have written the poem using board maker. The first page has the whole poem. Then the poem is broken up into sentences and the last page has the whole poem again. Read it in class, print it out and send it home. Click below on Ghost finger poem.
Ghost Finger Poem

Happy SMARTboarding,

Who’s in the haunted house? – SMART notebook

Using these cute and short riddles, have students guess who is behind the door of the haunted house. Once they guess they can touch the door to see who is behind it. Click below on Who is in the haunted house?
Who’s in the haunted house?
Happy SMARTboarding,

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.19.32 PMThis is a great halloween song that shows halloween characters as well as expresses different feelings on the Jack O lanterns face. It’s repetitive and cute. Click below on Do you have a happy face?
Do you have a happy Face?
Happy Thanksgiving and SMARTboarding,

Fall Number Matching – SMART notebook

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.16.29 PMAll of the leaves have fallen to the ground. Put them back on the trees by matching the numbers on the tree to the numbers on the leaves. Click below on fall number matching.
Fall Number Matching
Happy SMARTboarding,

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