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Counting Fruit – SMART notebook

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.03.07 AM
Count the fruit on each page and identify the number. When the right number is touched it will move. Click below on Counting Fruit.

Counting Fruit

Happy SMARTboarding,

Thanksgiving Gross Motor Ideas or Brain Break Ideas

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All of these are fun and easy to implement Thanksgiving Ideas perfect for a Brain Break.

Picture 1. Get a set of plastic bowling pins and glue feathers and goggly eyes to them. Have students practice bowling.

2. Make these cards using file folders and pictures of turkeys. Then have students throw bean bags at them.

3. Play this with or without a mask on. Add a colour aspect by asking students to pick a certain colour and put it on the turkey.

4. Put feathers throughout the classroom or schoolyard. Have students go on a treasure hunt to find the feathers. Count how many they collected in the end.

Happy SMARTboarding,

ps- these are all images taken from pinterest that came from other blogs!

Find the Turkey – Colour Recognition – SMART notebook

For all my American friends – here is a Turkey activity for upcoming Thanksgiving.  Have students practice or assess them on their colour recognition with this activity. Each page has three different coloured boxes.  Ask a student to click a coloured box and see if they can find the turkey hiding behind that box.  Click below on Find the Turkey.

Find the Turkey
Happy SMARTboarding,

Easy Reading with Pictures using Fruit – SMART notebook

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.46.23 AM

In this activity students can practice reading sight words and using pictures to help them read. Each page is based on a fruit. As well students can reconstruct the sentence once they have read it. Click below on Easy Reading with Pictures – Fruit.

Easy Reading with Pictures – Fruit

Happy SMARTboarding,

Making Fruit Salad Matching Game – SMART notebook

This is a great group activity which can afterwards be turned into a learning centre. Give each student a certain number of fruit cut outs (see PDF attached) as well as a bowl to put them in. Then have a student come up and roll the dice on the SMARTboard. Whatever fruit is shown, students put into their fruit salad. The first student to have all their fruit in their salad wins. Click below on Fruit Salad Game.
Fruit Salad Game

Fruit Salad Cutouts
Happy SMARTboarding,

Getting Dressed for Winter – SMART notebook

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.01.04 PM

Are your students having trouble getting their winter clothes on. Here is a reminder activity to help with this. It has the process of putting all your winter clothes on broken down step by step and a sequencing activity at the end. Click below on Getting Dressed for Winter.
Getting Dressed for Winter
Happy SMARTboarding,

Brain Break Dancing Song- YOUtube

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.38.37 AM
Give students a break with this fun dancing song. They follow along with simple actions like clapping hands, stomping feet and it’s got a groovy tune. Click below on A Ram Sam Sam Dance.
A Ram Sam Sam Dance
Happy SMARTboarding,

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